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You are what you repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

PEAK PHYSICAL THERAPY Was Founded Upon Three Principles:

  1. As healthcare providers, we are here to HELP PEOPLE; regardless of their physical condition or financial condition. We accept most insurance providers plans and have programs available for those who have insurance limitations or no insurance coverage.
  2. Represent our customers well. We need to represent our patients, their families, and physicians extremely well at all times. We are here to ensure they all have an excellent experience. People come in as patients and leave as family.
  3. GET RESULTS. We will bend over backward and do whatever is necessary to get an excellent result for our patients. We thank all of you who have chosen to use Peak Physical Therapy as your physical therapy provider. If you have any questions about Peak Physical Therapy or want to find out how physical therapy treatments can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We were founded in 1999, in Boise, Idaho by Chip Sands and Darin Tucker. Both have strong backgrounds in sports medicine and have been Certified Athletic Trainers and Certified Strength Conditioning Specialists. Each of the founders have worked with athletes ranging from high school, collegiate, professional and Olympic venues.

Functional Therapy “Meeting the Needs for Your Lifestyle”

The founders’ experiences have led them to develop an approach to physical therapy that combines manual therapy with functional exercise progressions that help in obtaining long-lasting results for their patients. This process has been a factor in suppressing future healthcare costs while helping patients protect their active lifestyles. Their philosophy is that “Life is an active sport… you must prepare for what you do and have fun! So don’t modify your lifestyle to meet the needs of your body… modify your body to meet the needs of your lifestyle.”






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