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Peak Physical Therapy
Colorado Springs

1465 Kelly Johnson Blvd Ste 120 | Phone: 719-955-1070  | Fax: 719-955-1073

Peak Physical Therapy was opened in Colorado Springs in 2008. We are a clinic dedicated to personal care and rehabilitation. We believe you should receive the care you deserve regardless of insurance type or finance. We not only want to treat your pain but we want to resolve the reasons your pain exists. We offer FREE ASSESSMENTS for uncertain patients and Same Day/ Next Day appointments and accept most insurances.
Let us help you get back to living the life you love.
Make the choice and call us today at 719-955-1070

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Google Reviews:

10:32 07 Apr 18
After my dads knee surgery I knew it would be a long time before he could get back to normal. But with the help of their staff and their progression checkups they were able to get him back and moving around alot faster than I expected. Go here for the right people they are always very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.
Carrie Lignos
01:19 06 Apr 18
Alex, Andie, and Kelsey are amazing. I've been going to Peak for the last month and a half for bursitis and tendinitis in my shoulder. Alex has tailored a program that really works for me and I've seen huge improvement in my range of motion. He knows what he's doing! Andie and Kelsey are rays of sunshine, so kind and positive. I don't like having to go to PT, but I do have to go and I am so glad I chose Peak! Thanks all!
David Rubio
21:41 05 Apr 18
I have not needed the service. But being here in support of my friends who do, the staff and overall environment have been fantastic. I have always felt welcome and included, never out of place. This is the place to get back to your prime; physically and mentally. If 11 out of 10 was possible I'd Mark it.
chey gonzales
21:11 05 Apr 18
I’ve been coming here for close to 3 years for various injuries. I keep coming back because this place is amazing. The exercises are tailored for my personal growth and recovery and the staff here is amazing! The environment is fun and always positive. I am always encouraged to try my best and keep working. 10/10 would recommend
Evan McHardy
15:41 03 Apr 18
I had two ankle surgeries and returned me to full mobility. I was able to start playing soccer again while still receiving excellent care and understanding. They work with your schedule and the staff is incredibly friendly and polite. If you need or want extensive care to be sure you’re back to full strength they offer great options to continue seeing them beyond your prescription or coverage.

Client Testimonials

I was referred to PT by my Rheumatologist due to shoulder pain and limited range of motion. The staff at Peak was instrumental in me regaining strength and use of my left arm and shoulder. Through their program of stretching, exercises, manual therapy, and electric stim treatment I feel 99% better and now I have exercises I can do to continue building my strength. Thank you Peak (Alex, Andie and Kelsey) for your professionalism and making me feel welcome!

Carrie Lignos July 17, 2018

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