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I was referred to PT by my Rheumatologist due to shoulder pain and limited range of motion. The staff at Peak was instrumental in me regaining strength and use of my left arm and shoulder. Through their program of stretching, exercises, manual therapy, and electric stim treatment I feel 99% better and now I have exercises I can do to continue building my strength. Thank you Peak (Alex, Andie and Kelsey) for your professionalism and making me feel welcome!

Carrie Lignos Physical Therapy Service

When I first cam in I had a pretty steady knee difficulty. After getting used to the place I found that it was a very warm, comfortable place with great people to work with. The workouts were very helpful and I really saw improvement in the strength in my leg which helped my knee. I really recommend coming here, I had a great experience/relationship with everyone and the pain in my knee started to disappear! Thank you Peak Physical Therapy!

Cameron Levine Physical Therapy Service

Very good experience here. I started here after I had surgery on my right foot for bunion removal and I had been in a cast for 6 weeks. All of the exercises helped my recovery to gain strength back in my foot and ankle. It’s not perfect but each week I could see drastic improvement in my ability to move my ankle and to be able to walk again. Thank you all so much!

Lennea Mason Physical Therapy Service

I came into Peak with a severe case of plantar fasciitis that had been plaguing me for 6 months. Two steroid injections in my heel had provided minimum relief. After 12 sessions at Peak my pain is almost completely gone. I am back to playing golf and walking my dog 2-3 miles a day with minimal to no pain and quick recovery from any pain I may be experiencing. The staff is friendly and courteous an Alex was great to work with and to tailor a plan to my exact needs. I highly recommend.

Chuck White Physical Therapy Service

When I first came here I could barely walk without a cane! After 6 weeks I am almost completely pain free! I went from barely walking to being able to go for walks and play with my kids again (running, hopscotch, etc). I plan to use the stretches I have learned before physical activity to avoid a relapse, and I am confident I will not have to come back. You guys are great! Thanks!

Jennifer Bane Physical Therapy Service

Due to hurting my back on the job, I was recommended Peak Physical Therapy for a fast and easy going recovery. I’ve never seen a physical therapist before, so I was not sure what to expect. My experience was beyond amazing as I recovered earlier than expected. After 12 visits, I no longer have any issues with my back allowing me to complete all of my daily work and at home tasks with no pain. Thank you Peak Physical Therapy!

Jess Lee Thornton Physical Therapy Service

Being a student with 2 graphic design classes means I get 8 hours of sitting plus 90 minutes(at least) in front of a computer a day. I had severe lower back pain from bad posture and weak muscles and decided PT was my best bet. I was 100% pain free in 7 weeks! The casual setting with encouraging/funny staff really encouraged me to push myself in becoming pain free and fixing my posture. I’m going to continue the exercise I did at my PT in my everyday life because it was manageable and didn’t discourage me too much from ever coming back. Overall this was a better experience than I expected it to be, and now I don’t have back pain. I will miss the massages though.

Sydney Fox Physical Therapy Service

The transformation of my agility and strength after suffering an ankle injury was miraculous. Alex Dufano, my physical therapist guided and directed me through a program that pinpointed the area of my trauma. The staff were superb! They were accommodating and so friendly. Thank you Dr. Peck for introducing me to this wonderful facility!

Melinda Canales Physical Therapy Service

I met the staff when I was seventeen, after I had breast reconstructive surgery due to poland syndrome on my left side.  Before, during and after the healing process I was in three bad relationships.  I was struggling with manic depression and psychosis.  I’ve been diagnosed with many labels before, but all I knew was that I was struggling and needed help.  PEAK was there for me as friends, more than staff, through all my hard times.  I’m young and went through some very tough stuff.  Now I’m prepared for my life ahead of me thanks to the support of PEAK Physical Therapy.

Sienna M. Physical Therapy Service

I walked into Peak Physical Therapy after back surgery felling frightened and weak.  My life was over for me.  After several weeks of therapy I became stronger and learned I could have a life again in a new way.  Cherie helped me physically and mentally.  I will always be grateful for PEAK’s dedication to doing a great job.

Maryann S. Physical Therapy Service

I came in with bad pain in my lower back that kept me from living a normal life.  I’m leaving with rare episodes of mild pain.  Thanks and much gratitude for helping me get back to life!  You are all a blessing.

Jean B. Physical Therapy Service

My daughter, at 10 months old started walking on her toes and my family and I thought it was cute until I noticed 4 years later she was still doing it.  I was told my daughters’ calves were so tight it was as if she has been walking on her heels her whole life.  If it continued she would have had to have surgery to lengthen the tendons to make her walk properly.  The people at Peak Physical Therapy helped her so much.  Since her physical therapy started a few months ago my daughter has gained 15 degree ROM in her ankles and can now walk on her whole foot.  With continued stretches at home and reminders to walk on her whole foot she will not have to come back. And now surgery is no longer in sight for her.  Thanks to PEAK for helping my daughter.

A.C. Physical Therapy Service

I’ve been here before and I enjoy coming here.  Cherie and the crew are like angels!  Before I had both total knees done, I was in terrible pain.  I used a walker and cane for so long, I thought I couldn’t be without them!  Now, I’m walking tall and feels so good to be able to walk without help!  So glad I had my operation, but glad it’s over.  I tell everyone about PEAK!! They are so good!!

Barbara F. Physical Therapy Service

I am a long time patron of Peak Therapy.  In ’07 I was diagnosed with Guilain-Barre syndrome, from which I lost use of my feet and legs.  Due to the diligent work of my therapist, is was able to walk again.  In June of ’14, I had a total knee replacement.  5 days later I started therapy.  On my 4 week check-up my surgeons PA was so please with the progress. I was told if I wanted I could stop therapy.  I didn’t and I won’t.  I will continue with Peak’s aftercare program.  I am very confident in their program and I believe I am able to walk today because of Peak.

Marge H. Physical Therapy Service

I had a complete turn-around in my physical well-being after my sessions at Peak.  I was in pain, unable to sleep, and unable to find relief for my symptoms when I first came in.  My PT tried many effective techniques in physical therapy and gave me complete instructions so I could continue them after I was discharged.

Amy L. Physical Therapy Service

After my second knee replacement I chose Peak Physical Therapy for my rehabilitation and it certainly was the right choice as all the staff is highly qualified and skilled from the desk to the tables and equipment.  All are friendly and make all their clients feel comfortable and special.  Their aftercare program is a plus that can benefit anyone interested in furthering their rehabilitation and general health and are always available to help.

Harriett G. Physical Therapy Service

Walking in to Peak and seeing the front desk staff is always a good start to therapy sessions.  I am young at heart, slightly older in other places.  Thanks to Cherie and her magic angel fingers.  She has helped “my older places.”  I have more range of motion and much better balance.  Thank you to all the dedicated therapists that have helped me.  I will continuing with the aftercare program.

Pat B. Physical Therapy Service

Just a note to let you know that I appreciate so much, all that you, at Peak, have done for me.  Without your help it would not have been possible, to have come this far in recovering the use of my arm.

Sandra Miles Physical Therapy Service

They guys at Peak make you feel important and truly help you succeed; my balance and strength have doubled.  Though my fibro acts up they help you to see further than the pain.  And keep fighting for a healthier body.  I can’t express my gratitude toward those that helped me.  Thank you so much

Alisha Hoover Physical Therapy Service

Seriously love my physical therapist. Matt at Peak Physical is truly amazing! He knows my overall goals but the one he knows it’s the most important to me is getting back up on my surfboard so he is helping me reach my goal! Seriously the best!!!

Ashley Owen Physical Therapy Service

After being diagnosed with frozen shoulder in January when my doctor said I should go to PT to try to avoid surgery.  My husband had preciously gone to Peak for P/T , loved it here and had great success, so I decided to give them a try since I live in Middleton.  That was the best decision I could have made. Kim got me right in and got my treatments scheduled with Rob.  He went to work on my shoulder and before you know it I was no longer on pain meds and I was gaining ROM with each treatment.  I was finally able to sleep without constant pain.  The end of my treatment I was almost back to normal and had minimal (if any) pain.  Rob truly saved me from surgery.  When treatment was over I found myself sad because they became like family to me! If I ever need P/T again I will be back without hesitation.  Thank you Rob, Kim and Matt for all you did for me while I was your patient!

Camille Thomas Physical Therapy Service

I have gained strength and confidence back in my knee, after completing Physical Therapy. I hope to be on the golf course soon!!

Linda Garner Physical Therapy Service

This establishment has the necessary equipment and know how to make you feel your best:  without that horrific feeling of tortured care.  The visits are made when you like not when its best for them.  The recovery is fast and the crew (helping staff) are very kind and understanding of your situation and need of care They follow up with home care in easy instructions and helpful in every way, My visits with them were satisfied totally.

Charles Montgomery Physical Therapy Service

My experience here was defiantly worth it. I gained a lot of strength in my back and that was a huge goal of mine. I’m so thankful for all the people that put in their time to help me out thorough this pain I was having. I gained a lot of my strength back and it’s all because of you guys, so thank you!

Biridiana Physical Therapy Service

I remember the day when I showed up at peak physical therapy with so much pain. After a few sessions I started feeling so much better and in no time, I was back to normal. Thank you to the team at peak physical therapy, I’m back to my normal activities

Specially thank you to Anson with his blessing hands.

Elda Physical Therapy Service

Humpty dumpty fell out of a chair,

Humpty dumpty landed on his rear,

Humpty dumpty went to peak

& got results, thank you!

Highly recommended. Excellent staff. Will try to get the VA to send here as well.

Jeremy Hill Physical Therapy Service

I have had a great experience worn with all of the people at peak physical therapy. I came in with extreme pain that pain killers did not help. With help and lots of work I am leaving pain free. I feel much stronger with better posture. I will be able to continue my exercises and hopefully stay pain free. I have learned a lot here about my neck and back and staying strong. I am very happy to have been able to work with everyone. I feel the doctor and everyone I worked with were concerned and wanted me to feel better, and everyone worked hard, and we had great results.

Cori Bowhay Physical Therapy Service

My experience with the staff at peak was very positive. They were always looking for feedback on the work that I was doing. They were careful to monitor the effects of each exercise and how I felt afterward. I believe that the experience of the staff and the personal attention I received had a direct impact of the speed at which I recovered from my knee injury. I actually feel stronger and more physically capable now than I felt before my injury. My final comment concerns the professionalism of the staff. They always made me feel comfortable and left me with the impression that I was an important part of their day. They were all very personable and professional at all times.

Chris Trouten Physical Therapy Service

When I came in for PT, I had tried several things & was desperate as I could hardly walk. Just during the in-take evaluation. Anson relieved so much pain, I dubbed him “the healer.” Told my husband I had found another man.  J Actually, the care & treatment have been awesome from Cheryl at the front desk to all the wonderful people who have helped me on my journey.

Johnny & Amber have been very attentive & supportive & encouraging.  Thanks!

Joanna Kellum Physical Therapy Service

I was impressed by the professional people and their desire to help improve my quality of life. After a hip replacement, hey took me through many stretches to gradually increased my range of motion, this wasn’t much when I first got here. Now after several sessions I am much improved. Thanks to all. Keep up the good work.

Ken Robertson Physical Therapy Service

When I started I was not sure if anything would help me walk without pain. Walking on a hot coal was normal. Now I can walk with almost no pain, my range of motion is improved, and quality of life is much better. I love working with the staff. They are all so friendly & relaxed. I never dreaded my appointments & am so thankful for the care I received. Definitely enjoyed coming here and would recommend to everyone looking for a therapy group.

Wendy Alfredson Physical Therapy Service

During my time at physical therapy I believe that everyone put forth their best effort to tend to my needs for my shoulder injury. Every employee has a positive attitude and approaches you with a smile! They also ask if I am okay with the exercise they instruct me to do. I am beyond happy with this facility and the results they were able to produce! Also, a huge thanks to Amber and Dale for pushing me and helping me for the results I have!

Tyler Peterson Physical Therapy Service

My PT here at Peak has been great! I feel like I have an active role in my recovery. The team here paid close attention to my progress and constantly adapted the workout to my abilities (or lack of). I have and to do PT many times over my years in the Army and since then I can say that this has been the best PT experience for me. I’m going to miss everyone here as well as my fellow patients, now that have “graduated”. See you around!

Misou Physical Therapy Service

Had an amazing experience her very well organized and prepared with any questions or injury. Everyone that works her is very friendly and has an amazing sense of humor, felt very comfortable here. Made sure I was completely healed and comfortable with my injury before discharging me. If any further injuries with family, friends, or myself I will have them come here for the same amazing experience I encountered. Thank you guys!

Mark Linnell Physical Therapy Service

All the help I have received here has been great.  The pain in my leg has gone away thanks to the stretching exercises and physical workouts.  The people here are great and wanting to get me in the best shape they can.  I will continue to do the stretching in hopes the ankle pain will continue to go away.

Sandra Pedersen Physical Therapy Service

When I started I was not sure if anything would help me walk without pain.  Walking on a hot coal was normal.  Now I can walk with almost no pain, my range of motion is improved and quality of life is much better.  I loved working with the staff.  They are all so friendly and relaxed.  I never dreaded my appointments and I am so thankful for the care I received.  Definitely enjoyed coming here and would recommend to everyone looking for a therapy group.

Wendy Alfredson Physical Therapy Service

I injured my back while at work and was in so much pain that it hurt to breathe.  I was referred to Peak for treatment and everyone has been amazing.  It has been a little over a month since my injury and I now have full range of motion and doing my job does not hurt anymore. I would come back to Peak in a heartbeat and have told everyone I talk to about how great the staff is here.

Jennifer Snoey Physical Therapy Service

Everyone was amazing!  Super friendly, caring and most importantly very helpful…  Scale of 1-10 you’re off the charts!  Instructor or therapist are very attentive and really get you taken care of.  Thank you.

Desiree Alaniz Physical Therapy Service

I came in with severe hip pain in my right hip.  I have progressed to moderate pain in my hip and much gain in my range of motion.  I feel the physical therapy has helped me gain this progress.  I still need to proceed with the schedule to get to no pain, which I will do.  I wouldn’t have known how to do this without the physical therapist teaching me.  They were very kind and interested in my progress.

Jerry Cunningham Physical Therapy Service

I have made a great deal of progress. I have a far greater range of motion and much less pain than when I started.  I am much stronger in my hands, shoulders and back.  I stand much straighter.  I appreciate all who have helped me so I can remain independent in my house and yard.  If I have any more issues with my shoulders and back, I will come back for more therapy.

Opal Ward Physical Therapy Service