Personalized Care

The best care is personalized care. Peak Physical Therapy works to meet the individual needs of every patient. Each patient’s lifestyle and history is unique and specific to them; therefore, so should their treatment plan. This personalized approach yields long-term results.


Peak provides flexible scheduling so treatments work well with any schedule. Early, lunch and later appointments are available. Our therapists will help schedule appointments and provide friendly reminder calls.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Each treatment plan is based not only on the doctor’s prescription but also on your lifestyle, your occupational and recreational activities and any other personal goals you have set for yourself. Physical Therapy isn’t simply about controlling pain, it is about fixing the problem that causes it while protecting your lifestyle.

Progressive Treatment

Each treatment is progressive. As you improve, your treatment will be varied and progressed which keeps your body gaining (keeps you from plateauing). Each treatment is built upon the one before it. This positions you to heal at a faster rate and achieve maximal results in a shorter period of time in addition to having long-lasting results.

Caring Environment

As healthcare providers, it is our job to HELP PEOPLE. We feel that it is very important to genuinely care about each patient; to treat the patient as a person first and their “condition” second. At Peak Physical Therapy you will find the environment warm and friendly and the staff fun to be around. Many of our patient’s hate to leave. People come to us as patients and leave as family. After discharge, you will receive follow up calls from your therapist to ensure that you are doing well.


Peak feels that all great relationships are built upon communication. Your therapist will educate you fully on your condition, treatment plan and all facets of your care. Your therapist will also stay in close communication with your physician so that you receive the best care.