Project Description

Savannah Barnes, PTASavannah Barnes, PTA

Provider at Middleton Peak Physical Therapy & Emmett Peak Physical Therapy

Savannah was born and raised in Meridian, Idaho. For the past 5 years she has been helping in billing and the front desk. She recently became licensed and now has the ability to help Peak in 3 areas. Over the years she has been able to work at most of the Peak clinics, but currently is mostly helping at the Emmett and Middleton clinics. She does float to other clinics as well based on need. Savannah graduated from the College of Western Idaho with her PTA degree this past June. She enjoys spending time with her loving husband and family: camping, hiking, motorbiking, and skiing in the outdoors. She is passionate about helping others reach their goals of rehabilitation and getting them back to what they enjoy. Outpatient was her choice of setting because she likes working with patients of all ages and seeing a variety of diagnoses. She loves being able to interact with people and getting to hear their stories.

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