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Education is a huge part of physical therapy; it is key to understanding “what is going on”, “what caused it” and “what YOU can do to avoid it from coming back”. In our Education section, we offer several education tools to help you find your way; or you can click on the links to the left to learn about specific topics, or follow the link below to reach our education library.

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I was referred to PT by my Rheumatologist due to shoulder pain and limited range of motion. The staff at Peak was instrumental in me regaining strength and use of my left arm and shoulder. Through their program of stretching, exercises, manual therapy, and electric stim treatment I feel 99% better and now I have exercises I can do to continue building my strength. Thank you Peak (Alex, Andie and Kelsey) for your professionalism and making me feel welcome!

Carrie Lignos

When I first cam in I had a pretty steady knee difficulty. After getting used to the place I found that it was a very warm, comfortable place with great people to work with. The workouts were very helpful and I really saw improvement in the strength in my leg which helped my knee. I really recommend coming here, I had a great experience/relationship with everyone and the pain in my knee started to disappear! Thank you Peak Physical Therapy!

Cameron Levine

Very good experience here. I started here after I had surgery on my right foot for bunion removal and I had been in a cast for 6 weeks. All of the exercises helped my recovery to gain strength back in my foot and ankle. It’s not perfect but each week I could see drastic improvement in my ability to move my ankle and to be able to walk again. Thank you all so much!

Lennea Mason

I came into Peak with a severe case of plantar fasciitis that had been plaguing me for 6 months. Two steroid injections in my heel had provided minimum relief. After 12 sessions at Peak my pain is almost completely gone. I am back to playing golf and walking my dog 2-3 miles a day with minimal to no pain and quick recovery from any pain I may be experiencing. The staff is friendly and courteous an Alex was great to work with and to tailor a plan to my exact needs. I highly recommend.

Chuck White

When I first came here I could barely walk without a cane! After 6 weeks I am almost completely pain free! I went from barely walking to being able to go for walks and play with my kids again (running, hopscotch, etc). I plan to use the stretches I have learned before physical activity to avoid a relapse, and I am confident I will not have to come back. You guys are great! Thanks!

Jennifer Bane

Due to hurting my back on the job, I was recommended Peak Physical Therapy for a fast and easy going recovery. I’ve never seen a physical therapist before, so I was not sure what to expect. My experience was beyond amazing as I recovered earlier than expected. After 12 visits, I no longer have any issues with my back allowing me to complete all of my daily work and at home tasks with no pain. Thank you Peak Physical Therapy!

Jess Lee Thornton

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